Metal Building Homes – Top Selling Steel Building Homes (2023)

What Makes New Metal Building Homes Such An Appealing Alternative to Aging Wooden Houses?

There’s a reason that the home inspection is such a critical part of the traditional home-buying process. The older a wooden home gets, the more problems it will have developed, many of which won’t be discovered until it’s too late. Sometimes it’s loose pipes that cause a flood in the basement, or poorly sealed windows that let a draft in (and drive up your heating bill). Other times its faulty electrical wiring, or damage caused by insects, vermin, and other pests. Sometimes this can lead to problems with your outlets, and sometimes it can lead to a major house fire.

The point is that you’re never entirely sure what you’re going to get. There is one thing you can count on with a wooden home, that over time it will cost increasingly large amounts of money to maintain a space that was never particularly suited to your specific needs to begin with.

Safety and maintenance costs are just a couple of the big reasons metal building homes are surging in popularity, but they are far from the only ones.

Stability to Handle Today’s Weather, Durability to Last a Lifetime

Whether your idea of bad weather is monsoon rains, golf ball sized hail, or a raging blizzard, there is no question that steel can handle it better than wood. The most visible example of this is the vast number of people who got sick of having to pick up shingles in their yard every time the wind picked up, and chose to replace their wooden roof with one made of steel. That steel roof will easily last 40-70 years without losing any strength or durability. The wooden roof will have been completely replaced at least twice by then!

Lower Construction Costs vs. Traditional Wooden Houses

If you want more information on the specifics of what metal buildings homes cost, then skip ahead to the pricing section near the bottom of the page. The bottom line is that thanks to the simpler process involved, it works out to be substantially less costly to install a steel structure than a wooden one.

Easy to Remodel or Redesign as Your Needs Change

Thanks to endless customization options and quick and easy installation and adaptation, you can change your home to match your changing needs. Whether that’s adding an office so you can work from home, or a nursery for a new addition, we can help make it work.

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient Design

Due to their high-quality nature, steel home building materials are perfect candidates for recycling and reuse in new applications. On top of that, metal homes from Steel Carports are engineered in such a way that with proper insulation, they can maintain the desired internal temperature for much longer without having to use your utilities. Saving you money and helping to preserve the environment at the same time!

Precision Engineering – Everything You Want

One of the most appealing things about buying a custom metal building home is the ability to design a home that’s truly unique to you. This helps to eliminate the vast amounts of wasted space that occurs naturally in a traditional home.

Thanks to our precision engineering process, the actual installation process is remarkably quick compared to a wooden house. Think of it like assembling a simple (giant) puzzle that fits together perfectly to become your home. For inexperienced builders, this can be an overwhelming challenge, but our teams have assembled and installed every kind of custom steel structure you can imagine. Our team has installed countless different styles and sizes of metal building homes over the last few years, and no matter what challenges arise during the process, they find a way to get the job done effectively.

Less Maintenance, More Living – Metal Homes Are Built to Last

When you choose a metal building home, you are not only getting something that will withstand the test of time but also give you the versatility you need to create a space that works for you. Many people ask us what the difference is between a metal building and a wood, vinyl or concrete one. To help you get a better understanding, take a look at the information below:

Steel Frame Houses vs. Wood

A steel-framed home is not only up to 50% cheaper than a wooden one, but it is not combustible, and it provides greater strength than wood. Wood may be a more traditional look, but you will end up with a building that will need a lot of maintenance and not last as long.

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Steel vs. Vinyl

Steel buildings come with the strength you need, along with offering an environmentally friendly solution. It is also more durable and can keep you safe no matter what the weather brings. It’s true that vinyl is fade resistant and can fit with your building style, but steel adds the solid results that you need and is easy to install.

Metal Homes vs. Concrete Homes

Concrete has been a popular choice because it offers a simple way to create a solid building in a short amount of time. Steel, however, offers even greater efficiency during the assembly process, and it means that you will need a smaller workforce to complete the install to the required standards. Steel is also one of the most durable materials to build with, providing you with a building that is going to last.

Don’t Want a ‘Tiny Home’? Find the Right Size for You

Your home should be designed to fit your family, not the other way around. When you decide to build with steel, you will be amazed at the versatility on offer. Take a moment to check out the sizing table below to get an idea of the range of home sizes you can choose from.

40 Wide Buildings50 Wide Buildings60 Wide Buildings

The Secret(s) Behind the Meteoric Rise of Metal Building Homes

If you are wondering why prefab metal buildings have grown so much in popularity, then you can safely assume that most of it come down to the fact that these buildings are fully customizable and can be expanded whenever you need to.

When it comes to customizing your project, you can take all your dream home ideas and put them into one design that can then be created for you to install. The great thing about customizing a metal building is that you can get the perfect home without spending more than you can afford! Each building can be finished to fit any period or style that you want, so it will fit in wherever you are located.

If your family expands or your needs change, then a steel building can be expanded with very little hassle. You can buy add-on kits or even change the design of your current home to fit your new requirements.

When you order steel buildings or metal building kits from Steel Carports, you get high-quality structures and the best service at affordable prices. Our trained team provides fast and effective service, free delivery and installation, multiple payment options, and more. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.

What You Need to Know to Properly Prepare for a Successful Metal Building Home Installation

When it comes to organizing your site for installation, there are many factors that you need to consider. From legal requirements to financing and site preparation to finding the right installation team, there are many things that will require your attention before you can begin. Take a look at the following information to help you get ready for your new metal homes

Site Preparation

When you are ready to begin your site preparation, you will need to start by removing any trees or stumps that are in your way, as well as any plants or vegetation. Once this is complete, you will need to remove large rocks that are on the site. Next, you will need to remove the topsoil layer and level the site completely. Make sure that you hold on to the excavated topsoil so that you can use this to fill any holes as the project goes on.

Building Permits

Failure to get the right permits in the right timeframe can halt or even stop you from being able to proceed with your plans. Metal building home kits need approval before they can be installed, and you will need to apply at your local building department. The team there will check your request and ensure that it meets all local requirements and that your plans do not cause any issues with easements, sewer lines, watersheds, and much more. Do not start your installation until you have all the right permits in place!

Take Your DIY To the Next Level with a Prefab Metal Building Home Kit

Building your own DIY home is not only exciting, but it comes with many benefits such as being in control of the design, managing the timing to suit your requirements, and having complete autonomy over the place that you will call home.

When you buy DIY steel building homes, you can expect your kit to include everything you need to get started, including:

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  • Columns and column anchors
  • Eave struts, roof trusses, purlins, and collars
  • Girt banding
  • Wall and roof panels
  • Top plates
  • Pre-punched steel studs for your exterior walls
  • Upper and lower tracks for your exterior walls
  • All the clips and stud fasteners that you will need.
  • All exteriors trims
  • Plus, any additional features that you have added into your house design

Choosing Steel Carports as your metal home kit dealer not only ensures that you will get the kit you need, but that you will be able to enjoy a home that is built with the finest components and designed to suit your life for many years to come.

The Most Competitive Metal Building Home Prices in America?

Metal building homes cost around $360,000 to build but do not panic! This price includes every single aspect of the build from start to finish, meaning that you can look forward to a beautiful new home, built to your specification for less than $400,000!

This estimate is given by the National Association of Homebuilders and covers the full costs of construction, purchasing land, and includes all the finishing as well as the metal building kit.

If you already own the land you are going to build on, then you can reduce this cost significantly – especially if you are looking for a 40 x 60 square foot home, which will cost from $5,000 up to $30,000 depending on the area you live in and the type of kit you choose to buy.

At Steel Carports, we take pride in offering high-quality kits so that you can build your dream home without breaking the bank, and with our flexible payment options, you could be arranging your new home to be delivered very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Building Homes

If you are keen to buy a metal building, then check out our frequently asked questions so that you can get the information you need to make the right choice for you:

We use galvanized steel in our metal building kits because it provides the best protection against all-weather types. Galvanized steel is clean steel that has been coated with molten zinc. This process ensures that your new home will not corrode easily.

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When you are ready to buy your kit, make sure to ask the following questions from your dealer: Ask about the maintenance requirements for the kit you have chosen – you should be looking for a dealer that suggests a minimum of two inspections a year.

Your kit should come with all the framing, roofing, siding, and finishing that you need to install the entire house. You should also ensure that all the fixings are included and agree with what other features you need to have installed – e.g., windows, doors, porches, etc.

There are approximately ten stages to any metal home installation:

  • Preparation
  • Setting your column anchors
  • Prepping ready for foundations
  • Prepping ready for foundations
  • Installing your wall columns
  • Getting your roof framed
  • Getting your walls framed
  • Attaching your walls
  • Assembling your porch roof
  • Assembling your primary roof
  • Trim installation

No, you don’t! Anyone can install their own steel home.

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Here at Steel Carports, we offer fifteen different colors for you to choose from, and these can be mixed and matched across the walls, roof, and trims.

The cost of your building depends on the size and finish you choose, but you can expect to pay between $70 - $100 per square foot, making it an affordable way to build a stunning new home.

Steel homes are as unlikely to be hit by lightning or fire as a traditional home. The good news is that if either of these things does happen then you are less likely to be adversely affected because the structure is so safe.

As long as you are committed to caring for your new home, you can expect it to last for around 50 years.

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When it comes to delivering your new home, we provide fully certified staff that has the experience and expertise in metal buildings that you need. We will deliver direct to the site you are building on in one go so that you are ready to get to work immediately.


Are metal building homes worth it? ›

Metal building homes work well with the different types of insulation systems. Compared to other structures, metal houses can be made with better heating and insulating systems. It means that they can be much more energy-efficient than homes built with wood and most other materials.

What is the life span of a steel house? ›

Steel buildings face fewer issues with deterioration and corrosion than concrete or wood, and can out live other structures when properly built and maintained. Most steel buildings last anywhere from 50 to 100 years.

Are steel houses a good idea? ›

Steel framing offers a strong, accurate, stable, and durable framing alternative to traditional wooden frames. In fact, lightweight steel framing is the superior choice for residential construction.

What is the most popular steel building size? ›

The most popular steel building sizes are:
  • 18 x 20.
  • 20 x 30.
  • 30 x 40.
  • 40 x 60.
  • 50 x 100.
  • 60 x 80.
  • 60 x 120.
  • 100 x 100.

What are the disadvantages of metal building? ›

The Cons of Steel Construction

Unlike concrete and wood materials, steel is notorious for rusting in certain environments. Consequently, the costs of painting and maintaining a steel structure can be high. Steel can also be a conductor of heat, which means it needs to be adequately fireproofed.

Should I insulate my metal building? ›

In addition to keeping the building comfortable, you should also insulate a steel building to prevent moisture from entering the structure through condensation. Condensation becomes a problem when the indoor and outside temperatures are at a significant variance.

What are the disadvantages of steel frame house? ›

As steel is a highly corrosive material, the combination of water, wind and sand can negatively impact the steel framing. While damage can be sustained, its negative impact can be handled by being proactive and conducting regular building inspections.

Do metal houses rust? ›

Will metal buildings rust? They would…if the metal components were left uncoated. Today's metal building components typically don't leave manufacturing without at least one type of protective coating to make the surface of each piece rust resistant.

Are steel homes better than wood? ›

Steel buildings are more durable than wood, and more resistant to water damage. Steel will not warp or expand like wood does, and it does not rot, so it will be less likely to attract fungus. Termites and other insects who eat wood will also steer clear of a steel home.

Can you insulate a steel frame house? ›

Can You Insulate a Steel-Framed House? Yes, but there are certain compromises. Cavity wall insulation is not appropriate for steel-framed houses, and many surveyors consider it an active risk to the house's framing. Other forms of insulation are fine.

Are steel homes energy efficient? ›

Minimal Energy Lost

With these structures, you are effectively losing money every time you put the heat on. Steel buildings do not struggle with this. Steel does not 'settle' or twist. There should be no gaps or draftiness with a steel building, meaning that the energy you use for heating your space will be well spent.

What is the advantage of steel house? ›

One of the greatest benefits of steel framed houses, is that they are 100% termite and borer proof. Steel framing provides a lifetime guarantee against termites destroying your home without any harsh chemicals and toxins!

What is the most important steel property in design? ›

[top]Yield strength

Yield strength is the most common property that the designer will need as it is the basis used for most of the rules given in design codes .

How big is a 40x60 Barndominium? ›

Popular Sizes For Barndominiums

40x60 (2400 square foot)

What is the best type of steel construction? ›

Carbon steel, also known as Black Bar, is an alloy of iron and carbon, which is widely used in the construction industry due to its strength, low cost, and ease of fabrication.

What is the problem with steel construction? ›

Steel is not durable because it is prone to corrosion, especially when exposed to outdoor elements. Corrosion is a result of electrochemical oxidation; when steel reacts with oxygen, it produces metal oxide or rust.

What is the biggest drawback in using steel as a structural material? ›

One of the primary disadvantages of structural steel is its high initial cost. Steel is typically more expensive than other construction materials, such as concrete or wood. As a result, constructing a building with steel can be quite costly.

What is the difference between a metal building and a steel building? ›

Steel is commonly used as a building material and "metal" buildings, as they are referred to, are often made of steel. That's why you may be familiar with the term "steel metal building" in regard to high-rises and skyscrapers. But the two are not one in the same and, technically, should not be used interchangeably.

What is the best interior wall for a metal building? ›

Fiberglass is the most common and affordable option for insulating your home or commercial building. It's non-absorbent so it will protect your steel building from mold, rust and corrosion.

Can you put drywall in a metal building? ›

Certainly. You have to build the stud wall to support it, and then usually stuff some insulation in there somewhere. This is very common for industrial buildings. If you're asking if you can attach drywall directly to a metal building, no.

Should I spray foam my metal building? ›

Energy saving

First and foremost spray foam insulation is effective at improving the energy efficiency in metal walls. Many contractors claim spray foam is the best insulation option for structures built of metal. It delivers an air-tight seal. This regulates the temperature by allowing minimal heat loss.

Can I turn a metal building into a house? ›

But turning your metal building into a home means a few upgrades are likely required. Some are superficial, such as colors and texture, while others are vital to your way of life within your new four metal walls, such as installing electricity, insulation, and making your new home homier.

Why don t houses use steel studs? ›

While metal is incombustible, it loses strength at high temperatures, like during a fire, which makes the metal studs prone to buckling and even collapse. Also, as an active conductor of heat, metal studs can ignite adjacent materials, which may cause flames to spread to other areas of a building rapidly.

Is steel or wood framing better for residential? ›

Metal framing is stronger and is lighter in weight. While wood framing is flammable, steel is fire-resistant. Steel will not shrink, warp, split, or mold. Wood is less expensive, safer to work with, faster to install, and will never rust.

Do metal houses get hot in the summer? ›

A common misconception is that metal roofs become hot in the summer and create an overheated living space because metal quickly heats up to the touch. However, this is a myth. Metal roofs do not make a house hotter than any other kind of roofing material.

What is the best metal to build a house? ›

Steel. Steel is a popular material for building because it is strong without being extremely heavy. This makes it the ideal material for large, multi-story buildings and manufacturing and industrial facilities. Unlike wood, steel can stand up to moisture and is not susceptible to termites and fire.

Are metal houses hot? ›

Metal Roofs Make Homes No Hotter Than Any Other Roof

Any dark colored material, including asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, wood, etc., will absorb heat when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Metal roofing is no different.

Are steel buildings tornado proof? ›

Structural Benefits of Steel Buildings

The strength of steel is a great benefit for your facility, especially if located in an area that commonly gets high-force natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Steel buildings can withstand forces up to 170 mph.

Can steel studs be load bearing? ›

There are two main components of metal stud framing, a stud and a track. Heavier gauge metal studs are used in load bearing walls and structural applications such as exterior walls. Lighter gauge metal studs are used in non-load bearing applications such as some interior walls, half-walls, and partitions.

Should I use metal or wood studs in basement? ›

Metal studs are highly durable and will not bow, warp or rot. Galvanized metal studs resist water and fire damage, making them ideal for bathrooms, basements and other areas prone to moisture.

Is steel framing fireproof? ›

Steel is a durable, noncombustible, fire-resistant material. When properly designed and constructed, steel framing can preserve its structural integrity in the event of a fire and exposure to prolonged elevated temperatures.

Is steel framing fire resistant? ›

Steel is a non-combustible, fire resistant material and will not feed a fire. On average, wood structural members or framing rank third as the first-ignited material in home fires according to the National Fire Protection Association.

What is the best insulation for steel framing? ›

Fiberglass Batts are the Most Popular Insulating Material

There are three primary types of insulation that can be used with metal studs: fiberglass batts, foam board, and spray foam.

What are the pros and cons of building with steel frame? ›

Steel framed buildings are known for their strength and durability. They can withstand high winds and earthquakes, making them a popular choice for areas prone to natural disasters. However, steel-framed buildings do have some drawbacks. They are more expensive to build than traditional wood-frame buildings.

What is the most energy efficient style house? ›

When it comes to the most efficient building shape, uncomplicated dome and cube structures retain the most heat. This is because the air can circulate more efficiently around a dome whilst a cube has the smallest surface area to floor area ratio, so it loses minimal amounts of heat.

Are steel home kits worth it? ›

Steel frames are a great choice because they're more durable than wood because they have a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that they can take a lot more weight and are ideal to be used in bigger builds.

What are 3 properties that make steel very useful in construction? ›

The properties of steel is very important in the design and construction of structures to ensure that the structure will be able to serve its purpose. The most common types of steel properties are tensile strength, hardness, notch toughness, and fatigue stress.

Why choose steel buildings? ›

Since 1979, Heritage has completed over 40,000 steel building projects and maintained superior quality for our customers. Metal buildings offer many advantages over traditional materials, including durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance and pest resistance.

What is the stress of structural steel? ›

Steel material is divided into three categories: Normal strength: Yield stress is about 240 MPa, tensile strength about 360 MPa. High strength: Yield stress is about 340 MPa, tensile strength about 470 MPa. Extra-high strength: Yield stress is about 450 MPa, tensile strength about 550 MPa.

How big of a barndominium can I build for 200k? ›

On the high end, barndominiums have an average cost of $150 per square foot. At that price, you can estimate a building of around 1,333 square feet for $200,000.

What is the downside to a barndominium? ›

Cons of Barndominiums

Allowing steel buildings in certain zones can require permits, restrictions, and adherence to laws and local codes. You could find that some areas require barns to be constructed of wood, not metal. The bardominium aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, which can frustrate home buyers.

What is the most expensive part of building a barndominium? ›

The biggest cost of building a barndominium comes from purchasing and building the metal shell, including the roof, doors, and windows. Other major exterior features that can affect the building cost include: Metal siding.

What is the most popular steel grade? ›

Type 304—the most common grade; the classic 18/8 (18% chromium, 8% nickel) stainless steel. Outside of the US it is commonly known as "A2 stainless steel", in accordance with ISO 3506 (not to be confused with A2 tool steel). The Japanese equivalent grade of this material is SUS304.

Which size steel is best for house construction? ›

Which size of TMT bar is good for construction? The sizes of TMT bars used for stair-ups and slabs are usually 8mm-10mm size bars. For beams and columns, 12mm-25mm size bars are used. Other large-sized constructions such as dams and bridges require 32mm-36mm size bars.

Who has the highest quality steel? ›

Nippon Steel touts: 1,000-N grade steel is the world's strongest ultra high strength steel for building structures that was developed to improve the earthquake resistance of buildings.

What is the downside of a steel frame house? ›

However, steel-framed buildings do have some drawbacks. They are more expensive to build than traditional wood-frame buildings. And they require specialised knowledge and equipment to construct, making them difficult to assemble in remote locations.

Is it better to build a house with wood or metal? ›

Steel buildings are more durable than wood, and more resistant to water damage. Steel will not warp or expand like wood does, and it does not rot, so it will be less likely to attract fungus. Termites and other insects who eat wood will also steer clear of a steel home.

Is it cheaper to build a house with wood or metal? ›

Metal tends to be cheaper than wood, with an average of $19-$25 per sq ft for a steel building and $20-$35 per sq ft for a wood building. Also, using metal in your build has a lower lifetime cost due to near-zero maintenance, and it can be nearly 100% salvaged and sold if it is ever torn down.

What is the problem with steel-framed buildings? ›

Problems With Steel Frame Houses
  • Potential Structural Issues. ...
  • Poor Insulation and Energy Efficiency. ...
  • Steel Frames Aren't Always Easy to Detect. ...
  • Non-Standard Construction. ...
  • Maintenance Can Sometimes Be Difficult.
Sep 8, 2021

What is the strongest thing to build a house with? ›

Concrete. Concrete is the combination of cement, aggregates like sand or stone, and water. This mixture is poured into forms, which then dries and hardens, forming anything from walls to supporting beams to sidewalks. Concrete is both durable and strong, making it a great option for your structure's foundations.

What is the most efficient style of house to build? ›

Like geodesic dome homes, tiny homes are more energy efficient than other builds because they have less surface area. However, tiny homes are more efficient because they are smaller overall while geodesic dome houses are efficient because of their particular shape.

What is the strongest material to build a house? ›

Pound for pound, steel is the strongest construction material available (unless you count exotic materials like titanium). It is so much stronger than wood that the two cannot be fairly compared.

Why are houses built with wood instead of metal? ›

When European colonizers first came to the United States, they opted to construct many houses and commercial buildings from wood because it was readily available. Additionally, many settlers chose wood as a building material because structures can be built more quickly than when using brick or cement.

What is the cost difference between steel and wood framing? ›

Steel framing can cost three to fifteen percent more than wood studs, based on Steel Framing Alliance calculations, but metal studs offer cost advantages in other areas that can offset this price difference. Warranty callbacks are minimized because steel does not shrink, split or warp.

What is a better building material than wood? ›

Brick is durable, requires very little maintenance, improves energy efficiency, offers great aesthetic appeal, and is eco-friendly. Not only can brick be used as a building material, but it also makes for great decoration and accent building. Compared to wood and concrete, brick is the clear option.

What is the benefit of steel home? ›

The advantages of a metal building has many benefits including cost-efficiency, durability, design flexibility, quick assembly, and low maintenance. Almost anyone can benefit from owning a steel building.


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